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Couples Intimacy

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“When my partner and I discovered Kailani’s Connection Oasis workshops, we were in a tough place in our relationship as we were both craving intimacy and did not know how to bridge the emotional gap between us. Being in her group really helped us rediscover the closeness we lost over the years. Everyone was so warm and supportive. It was easy for us to give affection to each other. Everyone else was doing it! We stayed together as a couple in all the events, and now we are much more satisfied with our relationship. We are very grateful to have our love back.”

-Maria N.

“A friend recommended Kailani as a Couples’ Intimacy Coach, and my husband and I decided to give it a try. The changed came fast. Kailani helped us melt layers of emotional armoring we didn’t even realize we had. She was so gentle and patient in teaching us to really see and receive each other. This is no ordinary therapy. Kailani actually taught us to physically touch each other in ways we never experienced before. Our love making sky rocketed, and we are so much happier as a couple now.”

-Steve R.
“Kailani is a wise and talented counselor. Her intuition is incredible and she has helped me take action to manifest the life of my dreams. She creates a safe and loving environment for real work to be done. I am incredibly grateful to her for helping me create lasting changes that make my life better.”


– Katharine Agostino