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“Kailani has a warm, gentle approach to teaching that inspires people to look within themselves to find truth, and to share in a safe, supportive environment.”

~ Paul M.

“Every session is a deeply cleansing experience.”

~ Tamara

“After working with Kailani I felt full of love and gratitude for everything in my life.”

~ Helen

“Speaking to Kailani is such a joyous experience. I always look forward to our sessions.”

~ Lisa

“It was a truly liberating experience! I reconnected with my strength and beauty.”

~ Natasha

Empowering people to go into their bodies to find the wisdom needed to heal themselves.

Group Work

1-on-1 Healing Work


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“Touch as Prayer, a Tantric Evening of Embodied Sacred”

Friday, May 19 at 6:30 PM – 10 PM

We all pray in our own precious way. We go to the forest, to church, to dance, among many options. I invite you to pray and play all at once, recognizing your own body and the bodies of others as the most sacred temples. I invite you to experience conscious touch as deep prayer. Many of you have blessed the Heart Temple with your presence many times. This Embodied Sacred night is the last one here as I am moving. I don’t know yet where my perfect home will be, but for now, let’s say a reverent Thank you and Goodbye to this Heart Temple and bless it with our Sacred Wild Playful Prayer.

“Kailani is a wise and talented counselor. Her intuition is incredible and she has helped me take action to manifest the life of my dreams. She creates a safe and loving environment for real work to be done. I am incredibly grateful to her for helping me create lasting changes that make my life better.”


– Katharine Agostino