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Couples Intimacy

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The Gift of Tantric Connection

Thursday, January 25 at Breathe Holistic Center in Los Altos

You are warmly invited to an evening of full presence, embodied inquiry and deep connection with yourself and others. We will use Tantric principles embracing all of ourselves, others and the world around us and shining the light of awareness on anything that is not illuminated yet. We will move towards making unconscious conscious through allowing it to be seen.

What you can expect is some discussion on what Tantra is, how we relate now and how we would like to relate with life at large, ourselves and other people, and experiential exercises to help us drop in deeper. We use breathing, meditation, eye gazing and touch to name a few venues into connection. This is a fully clothed event and all the practices are optional. You are most welcome to participate or not participate in anything I offer. Couples can stay together for some or all of the evening.

We will be sharing some respectful non-sexual touch, and you might end up with a partner of your own gender. I do my best to gender balance my events, but please do aware that there is always a chance that women will work with women and men will work with men. We will end our experience with a deep solo relaxation or a cuddle depending on what you desire.

The space is limited to 22 participants and once the tickets sell out, I will close registration. I am looking forward to going on this journey with you.

Kailani Shakti

“Kailani is a wise and talented counselor. Her intuition is incredible and she has helped me take action to manifest the life of my dreams. She creates a safe and loving environment for real work to be done. I am incredibly grateful to her for helping me create lasting changes that make my life better.”


– Katharine Agostino