“Kailani’s strength is reflected in the way she moves beyond tradition and blends healing modalities together. Her unique approach offers tangible improvements to illnesses related to both stress and trauma. As a martial arts practitioner, I require a very powerful form of healing. Kailani tailors her skills to best match the needs of her clients.”

~ Brian Rainie – Intuitive Methodologies

“Kailani has a warm, gentle approach to teaching that inspires people to look within themselves to find truth and to share in a safe, supportive environment. This is balm to my soul.”

~ Paul M.

“I just want to express my gratitude to Kailani for all amazing work that she does! I have been to her tantra workshops, energy work, and emotional release sessions and I love every one of them! In her private sessions, she offers a very intimate, trusting atmosphere, so it is easy to open up to her and to go deep into personal issues and emotions. Her approach is unique and very powerful! Especially her tantra intimacy sessions, where I connected with my beautiful feminine side and was able to explore my boundaries and emotional blockages, then go past them. It was a truly liberating experience! I reconnected with my strength and beauty. I also love coming to her tantra workshops! She creates such a warm and loving atmosphere there! It is so wonderful to feel grounded and full of energy, to connect with other people in a most gentle and loving way. I always feel so peaceful and loved when I come home after the workshop. I think if people would do more work like this, there would be peace and love in the world!


~ Natasha

“I’m so impressed with the sessions that I had with Kailani. She asks challenging questions and suggests insights to help you reframe. She’s also a master of non-verbal counseling, guiding your body gently but firmly through the pain and stress it has accumulated, helping to release them so that you breathe freely. Kailani radiates calmness, support, and absolute acceptance. I can relax completely during my sessions, and trust her with any emotion that comes up. Every session is a deeply cleansing experience.”

~ Tamara

“It’s exhilarating to finally know and understand what you were born here to do. When you find clarity, you wake up with tremendous joy and vibrant energy. Kailani was able to capture my desires and really put them in perspective. She was patient, thoughtful and created a space of peace. I was able to effortlessly organize my thoughts, emotions and feelings and put them into an action plan to create the future I desire. I highly recommend Kailani to my friends and family. She has created an environment of pure tranquility and speaking to her was such a joyous experience. I always look forward to our sessions. She truly has a gift.”

~ Lisa L.

“When I signed up for my first session with Kailani, I was not sure I needed a Life Coach. I came out of curiosity. After working with her, I can recommend her as a true professional in her field. She helped me access the roots of my problems that came all the way from my childhood and were distorting my reality and perception of the world. I felt safe, relaxed, and comfortable from the first moments of working with her. I am grateful to Kailani for her ability to deeply listen, trust in my own intuition, and for her guidance to help me stay on track. After working with Kailani I felt full of love and gratitude for everything in my life.”

~ Helen

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“Conversations with Kailani have facilitated an extraordinary journey at the right time in my life. Her ability to wholeheartedly listen allows her to help me get to the heart of each situation. Her inquiries and guidance are always gentle, wise, and poignant. There is positive closure to each session with key points to ponder and “homework” to practice (during which time I continue to have her voice in my head providing feedback until the next session). Her passion and confidence in the power of self-discovery shine through and resonate long after. The time together and the important work accomplished have been better than I could’ve expected. Thank you Kailani.”

~ Luna, children’s speech therapist

“Kailani is a wise and talented counselor. Her intuition is incredible and she has helped me express feelings and take action to manifest the life of my dreams. Her patience and kindness create a safe and loving environment for real work to be done. I am incredibly grateful to her for helping me create lasting changes that make my life better. I always look forward to our sessions and trust her completely. She is tender but still challenges me. She is very effective and excellent. I am so thankful for Kailani.”

~ Katharine Agostino, yoga teacher

“When I work with Kailani, she quickly identifies the limiting thoughts that get in my way and helps me turn them around so that they no longer pain me. She helps set me free from my thoughts. And she does all of this while keeping both of us grounded with her fluent use of the body-mind techniques. Kailani is a wonderful resource!”

~ Julie Lamonica

“I felt nurtured and held during my session with Kailani. The energy work has assisted me in my journey towards greater self-knowledge and self-acceptance. I felt an opening afterward for more truth and integration. Thank you for this truly transformative experience. ”

~ Laura

“When I first met with Kailani I was searching for my life partner. I had worked with many teachers and programs without permanent results. With each meeting with Kailani, I felt her trust in my own intuition and intelligence. Through our conversations, I was able to get clear and move forward in areas of my life that I had not been able to successfully navigate in the past. She guided me towards greater self-acceptance of my power and ability as a woman to draw the right partner to me and to love and accept myself no matter what happened. Kailani is a gifted intuitive who radiates the energies of self-love and compassion. She held the container for me to feel my power, taught me to trust and follow my inner wisdom. Most importantly I felt the deep honoring of my inner capacities and the support to bring them into manifestation. Within several months of working with Kailani, I was able to access and be what I needed to be to bring in my beloved. To this day we are in a loving, co-creative relationship.”

~ Christine Rosche